1. Push your way in front of me in the “10 Items or Less” line when you clearly have more than 20 items in your cart and I am holding a single container of macaroni and cheese from the deli. Then, when the cashier finishes ringing up said 20 items, decide the total is too high and painstakingly select six items to be deducted.

2. Pull up beside me at a stop light in the left turn only lane. When the light changes, proceed straight through the light forcing me to swerve to avoid an accident. Honk at me as if this is somehow my fault.

3. Respond to my ad on craigslist regarding the bookcase for sale. Tell me you definitely want it and will be there that night to pick it up. Allow me to plan my night around you and waste my time giving you detailed directions to my house. Then wait. Wait and wait and wait. Then wait some more until I finally call and ask where you are. Inform me that you don’t have a car. Ask if I can deliver.