A couple of weeks ago, the witty and ever-so-persuasive Jessica raved about her new obsession. I glossed over the post thinking “YA fiction? eh.” and “Vampires? So not my cup of tea.” I’ve never been a fan of sci fi or fantasy. I like my fiction set in a world I recognize, thank you very much. Even better, I like it based on real people or real events. In fact, when I read her post, I was deep in the world of Tudors, having just finished the The Boleyn Legacy and embarking on my hundredth or so reread of The Other Boleyn Girl.

But when I finished those, I cast around aimlessly, looking for a new book. I read so quickly that it seems like I’m constantly searching for something new. I have a couple of non-fiction titles waiting in the wings, but I was craving fiction. And a little voice in the back of my head kept whispering about Edward and Bella. Thursday was storytime at our local Barnes and Noble, so Henry and I made an appearance (wherein he bounced and screeched during song time and tried to eat the crayons during art time) and then went to the cafe to get a much-needed jolt of caffeine. On the way, I passed a display of books by Stephenie Meyer and I made a snap decision. What the heck? The first book was in paperback an I figured that if I didn’t like it (as I fully expected) I was out only a few minutes of my time and ten dollars. A small price to pay to quiet that nagging voice.

I’m not too big to admit when I’m wrong. And boy was I wrong. I raced through Twilight and New Moon. The storyline is gripping and the setting is so convincing that I never once thought, “But that’s not REAL.” In fact, I admit to stopping a few times and wondering if it might be possible (not probable, you understand, just POSSIBLE) that vampires really do exist. After all, myth and legend generally has some basis in reality, right? Okay, just forget I said that. I’m not crazy, I swear.

Anyway, the books are fantastic. Now I’m torn, because I have in my possession Eclipse, the latest book in the series. (Ahem. There might have been an emergency trip to the bookstore in order to acquire it.) And I’m DYING to know what happens next. But I really don’t want it to be over. (Or, rather, over for now — a fourth book is scheduled for release next fall. A WHOLE YEAR AWAY.) And if my pattern holds true, I’ll be finished with Eclipse by Thursday night. Granted, that’s good timing because The Big Move is Friday, and lord knows I’ll be overwhelmingly busy over the weekend with no time to devote to vampires and star crossed lovers. But…sigh.

Enough procrastinating. I’m off to start reading Eclipse. Slowly.