You know, after the screaming match, I honestly thought that might be the end of the story. After all, clearly that woman is nothing more than an overgrown bully. And everyone knows that if you stand up to a bully, they will often back down. Nearly a week went by, and I had all but forgotten about the issue. I have not since parked in “her” spot — not because I’m honoring her (ridiculous) directive, but because it’s been unavailable.

Then last night we got home and found a note on the door from the Home Owner’s Association. It was a generic message for our whole unit, informing us that there had been complaints about the parking situation, and that we should all be courteous. It claimed that certain residents who have two vehicles (ie us, everyone else in our unit is single and only has one vehicle) are taking all the spaces in front of the unit, forcing those with one vehicle to park far away and walk And then it added that a motorcycle had been parked in front of the building for over a week without moving, and that if the owner was not going to drive it regularly, it should be parked to the side so others could utilize those close parking spaces.

Guess who that motorcycle belongs to? That’s right, us. And we were livid because that bike does move every day. It’s not a pleasure toy. It’s not even a motorcyle. It’s a motor scooter. We bought it last year and downsized to one car as part of our quest to decrease our contribution to global warming and oil consumption. JP drives that scooter to work every day, and we frequently use it for running errands. So to say that it has been sitting in a spot unmoved for a week is not only untrue, it’s ridiculous. Clearly our neighbor is trying to get us in trouble, and because we are not breaking any rules, she’s making up infractions to report.

So this morning I went to the HOA office and talked to the manager. I started at the beginning and told her everything. I’ve saved everything from the original note left on my car to the memos sent out by the HOA office. And I told her all about the crazy lady banging on my door, screaming at us and demanding we follow her rules. I explained that the bike most certainly is moved every day and that there are, in fact, at least two spaces available in front of the unit every single night. This is not a matter of us taking all the spots and inconveniencing everyone else. It’s a matter of her being bitter and trying to have us penalized. To her credit, the manager was appalled and apologized profusely both for the way we’ve been treated by our neighbors and for sending out last night’s memo without looking into the situation more closely. And she reiterated, once again, that we have every right to park wherever we want. She told me to disregard any demands to move or reserve a spot and she promised that if our neighbor came into the office again, she would tell her in no uncertain terms that the issue is closed.

Ugh. I’m so sick of dealing with this. But at least the management office is on our side now.