I said yesterday, when it comes to fighting this drought, wishing is not enough. Apparently Governor Perdue feels the same way, because he’s not just wishing, he’s praying. The Governor’s office is busy this week sending out invitations for clergy and citizens to attend a prayer service next week, in which they will pray for rain.

Aside from the fact that this bothers me on a first amendment level, my real concern is this: Does he really not have anything better to do? Yes, rain would help immensely. But honestly, now is not the time to sit around and wish. Or pray. Now is a time for action. We need to DO something. And that something should not come in the form of a bowed head and folded hands. If he wants to pray during his free time, more power to him. If he wants to get together with his son, the Baptist preacher, on Sunday and galvanize the congregation to pray, go for it. In fact, if he wants to issue a statement to people of Georgia saying that now is a time for prayer (to whatever Deity they may or may not pray to regularly), that’s fine with me too. What is not fine with me is the fact that he (and/or his staff) is arranging this prayer service during the time that they should be DOING something. Have we really exhausted ALL of our other options? Is there really NOTHING left to do but pray?