Well, we finally broke down and turned on our heat yesterday. We’ve been trying to avoid it as long as possible. In an attempt to reduce both our carbon footprint and out energy bills, we’ve decided that our first reaction to cold or heat should be to adjust our clothing, not our thermostat. We’ve done really well: JPhas her new quilt, and I have a new fleece blanket that I made for myself (pictures to follow at some point). And we have plenty of sweatpants and hoodies, etc. But it’s dipped down into the low 40s the past couple of nights and we finally decided to run the heat for a little bit at night. Of course, the best laid plans… Something is wrong with our heat. I don’t know what, all I know is that it blows only cold air. I thought maybe it just needed a little time to warm up. No such luck. Ironically, running the heat actually made it COLDER in our house. So back off it went. We’re going to need to call the landlord and get it fixed. In the meantime, more bundling. For us and for poor Beastie, who shivers when the temperature drops below 70. Luckily he has plenty of hoodies too.