What’s that? You thought my neighborhood feud was over? Ha.

Things have been pretty quiet on that front, due mostly to the fact that we haven’t been parking in The Spot. Not because we’ve caved to their demands, but because they are retired and home 24/7 and never leave the spot, whereas Jamie and I have jobs and friends and A LIFE and therefore do not have time to sit sentry over a PARKING SPOT.

As established in our last meeting with the Home Owners Association manager, there is plenty of parking for everyone, and there was never a question of people not being able to park in the lot. The only issue was certain people wanting to claim specific spots. And even though we’ve continued to park both our vehicles in front of the building, there has been plenty of room for everyone.

But then yesterday, we parked in The Spot. And not 12 hours later, we received this note:

“The residents of this building will be entertaining and having friends and family for Xmas. You are occupying two spaces in front. We are all asking you to park your motor scooter in the overflow at the side of your building as suggested by management”

The note was signed by Ms. Hatfield and two of her cronies. Please note her emphasis on ALL, which I find ironic since there are six units that share this parking lot and only three signatures. Apparently, in her world 1+1+1=6.

Also, please note that she have given up arguing that there is not enough room for everyone who lives there when we park both our vehicles. That (lie) obviously wasn’t working for her, so she had to come up with something else. Now we are supposed to move our vehicle and park elsewhere so that her GUESTS can part there. It’s an ironic argument from someone who has argued in the past that the overflow parking area is supposed to be for guests and only residents should be able to park in front of the building. And it’s not like she gave a specific date when she’d be needing extra parking because she was hosting a party. Apparently we are supposed to park elsewhere for the entirety of the holiday season because it is possible that AT SOME POINT she is going to have a guest who would like to park in front of the building. What I want to know is, why should her guest be given priority over a resident who pays HOA dues? And if it’s SO important that her guests receive the prime parking spots (rather than park in the overflow area, which was created for OVERFLOW parking like GUESTS) then why can’t she move HER car?

The whole things is utterly ridiculous. This morning I took the new note (along with all previous correspondence between us, her and the HOA) to the HOA office and asked to speak to the manager, only to find out that she is no longer employed there. I admit, I’m not sad to see her go. She definitely could have handled this better the first time around. If she had never sent out the last memo, this old biddy wouldn’t think she has the power to tell us to abide by something “suggested by management”. The interim-manager I spoke to was appalled by all of this. He also knew exactly who I was talking about, because they have caused problems in the past. He has assured me that he will be speaking with them today and resolving this matter.

Somehow I don’t think this is the last we’ll hear of it.