We’re back from our holiday weekend and struggling to get back in the swing of things. We went to NC to visit JP’s family for the holiday weekend, and it was great even if it did mean a five-hour drive each way with JP’s dad chain-smoking cigars out his window while I shivered in the backseat.

Saturday, we spent the day doing last minute Christmas shopping and getting ready for our trip. We had parked the poor, damaged scooter in The Spot, where it was awaiting a visit from the insurance adjuster. When we came out to load the car, we were shocked to see this:

I know it’s dark, but if you look carefully, you’ll see that a car is parked diagonally across a walkway protruding into our parking spot. Not only is it clearly parked outside of any legitimate parking space, it is also very close to hitting the scooter. What you may not be able to see in the photo is that there were three actual spaces available surrounding these two vehicles. This was not a case of someone cramming into a made-up space because there was nothing else available. This was clearly a threat because we were parked in The Spot. The car is does not belong to Ms. Hatfield, but I can only assume this is the guest she warned us would be arriving in her last letter.

I took a couple of photos for proof, and Ms. Hatfield came out of her condo and glared at me as I did so. Then I went over to the home owners association office, but of course it was the weekend, and therefore no one was in the office. We did speak to the gate keeper (yes, we live in a gated community) but he was little to no help. And by this point we were running late and needed to go.

So I held onto the photos and we headed North for a fun-filled weekend in a land where they’ve never heard of the internet, the nearest movie theater is 23 miles away and closed on Christmas Eve, and fast food restaurants proudly boast signs like this:

Also, I don’t know what exactly went awry, but Christmas dinner was so bad we had to sneak out later and go to Waffle House (which appeared to be the only restaurant open in the entire state). When food from WAFFLE HOUSE is better than Christmas dinner, you have a serious problem.

When we arrived home on Tuesday night, the scooter was not where we left it. Yes, you read that correctly. We froze for a moment, thinking that it was stolen. Then we turned around and saw it SITTING ON THE SIDEWALK BY OUR HOUSE.

Someone (ie Ms. Hatfield and her cronies) physically removed it from the spot where it was parked legally and placed it on the sidewalk so they could have The Spot. Aside from the fact that WHAT?! YOU CANNOT DO THAT! I’m am even more upset because a scooter is not like a bicycle. You cannot just roll it where you want it. It is a machine that turns off and the handlebars lock. That means, in order to move it, you need to turn it on. If you don’t, you can cause serious damage to the steering mechanisms. And, given the fact the it was in an accident on Friday and insurance adjuster still had not examined it at that time, we certainly didn’t need someone messing with it. I was absolutely livid. Lucky for Ms. Hatfield, she was not home when we got there. Had she been, I’m scared of what I might have done.

What we DID do, was call the cops and make a report. The cop who came out was a total jerk and basically told us that unless we can prove that it is damaged and that we know who damaged it, he was not getting involved. While I do understand that, I also know that I wanted a record of this incident because her actions are escalating.

Today I called the HOA office and talked to YET ANOTHER person. I told the whole story and assured her that all of this information is documented and on file in her office. And I informed her that I had called the police, and I will continue calling the police if this harassment continues. She was utterly appalled (as they always are) and promised to resolve the situation immediately (as they always do). She also promised to call me back and let me know what steps have been taken to resolve the situation.

As yet, I’ve not received a call from her. Shocking.