Those of you who are returning readers, will notice some major changes. Not least of all is the name/domain change, but you’ll also notice a hightened level of anonymity and increased use of psuedonyms. This is not due to any fear I have of The Internet or stranger danger. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

After some unwanted contact with family members who found my blog, I decided to go quiet while deciding what to do. I have not talked in much detail about my childhood and family, but I have said enough that faithful readers will understand why continued contact with my family is something I’ve chosen to forego. I am a happier, healthier person today because I don’t have their negative influence in my life. So having those people reading my blog, made me uncomfortable — especially when they chose to email me and share their views on some my posts. For that reason, I am not linking to my old domain nor will I be referencing the old blog by name or using names of people (or pets) that could lead to unwanted visitors finding this new haven via a google search. I hope that my old readers will be able to find me via the blogosphere and that new readers will find me as well.

Life has been busy in the few months since I last posted, and you’ll also see other changes as well.

My professional life is undergoing a transition. Baby H’s parents have officially decided they will no longer need a nanny once one of them takes a leave of absence, and I will starting a new position at the beginning of August. I have interviews all weekend and hope to accept a position within the next two weeks. I have some wonderful options right now, and I’m simply trying to find the best fit. I’m excited not only about starting with a new family, but also about having a position where I’m off by 6pm every night — no more late nights or overnights.

JP has also recently started a new position. She is now at a fantastic law firm where she no longer has to deal with evil partners who throw things at her and create a culture of fear. The new firm is welcoming and friendly as well as prestigious — proof that you don’t have to be a bitch to be successful. This new position comes with increased responsibility, but also increased overtime demands. (Giving me more time to blog? We’ll see.)

I plan to continue writing about the professional nanny industry. Hopefully these posts will educate and entertain. I also plan to mention work in passing, as it relates to my personal life. However, there will not be extensive posts about or pictures of my new charges.

The reasons for this change are two-fold. First, Baby H’s parents are an exception when it comes to internet safety. They have a blog of their own plus a website where they share photos and stories. They never had any qualms about me writing about him or publishing photos of him on the internet. Not so for most parents, and there is no guarantee that my future employers will be comfortable with my doing so.

Secondly, and probably more importantly, I want this blog to be a more accurate portrayal of my life — my family, my thoughts, my beliefs, and my future. While my profession and my job are certainly a part of that, they are only a part and I am choosing not define myself (or my blog) by those small pieces. Given the opportunity to start fresh, I’ve decided that this new, improved blog will present a more complete view of my life.

That’s as much as I can tell you for now. I’m not sure yet exactly what this “complete view” will consist of, or how that will turn out because this blog, like my life, is a rough draft.

Mostly I want to say: I’m glad to be back. And thanks for reading.